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The content of Apharenxis Networks, its developments, prototypes, sandboxes and projects, are produced by a small group of young enthusiasts of technology, networking and digital information. Our business approach is aimed at any person, company, organization or others who are interested in Internet Marketing, the development of digital content, the evolution of effective digital communication, the advertising approach in Social Networks, the installation or updating of business software and hardware, planning of technological updating, establishment of business protocols as well as processes and continuous auditing; security monitoring, as well as any technological production with ways of improvement in its current procedures. With us you will find professionals in all technological branches, who have the sole objective of helping you achieve success.

We are passionate about Digital Business, Strategic Marketing, IT Business Models, Technology, Hardware installation, component updating, Social Networks, Storage, Web 2.0 and above all, stories of success.

In our professional career we have worked as business consultants in the technology, education, retail, agribusiness, security, banking, telco and consulting sectors; also as professors and lecturers in multiple areas.

We have more than 15 years in the development of web projects such as e-commerce stores, portals, blogs, social networks and ERPs; more than 12 years in installation of productive HW&SW e2e systems projects; more than 10 years developing systems and monitoring and establishing networks; and 5+ years in the process audit sphere; and more! … we are sure that our support is what you need to be successful.


Hello !!! We are Apharenxis !!!

The Apharenxis group is made up of a team of young Information Technology professionals and enthusiasts, and the objective we pursue is to help entrepreneurs, professionals, small and large companies to achieve success in their business adventure in the digital sphere.

Therefore we are always open to any type of collaboration or proposal where we can contribute our experience and knowledge.

IT is a way of life, join it!


Our experience in teaching processes and as staff speakers is based on topics like Internet Business Models, Online Marketing and Social Networks, End-to-end Deployment, Systems and Interfaces Development, Business, Business Intelligence, Business Efficiency; as well as robust platforms for Storage, Networking, CRM, CDB, Collab, among others. If you consider that our approach is interesting to participate in a face-to-face event or in a University and / or Business School, as well as training in your corporation (of any size), you can count on our buffet to teach lectures, conferences or workshops in person.

Come to an Apharenxis executive today and learn about our education plans !!!

The technological future is today and every second !!! Don’t be left behind.


If you want to get more traffic for your Website, Blog or Portal; establish a content or email marketing strategy or want to know how social networks can help you get more customers; improve your business processes, establish business policies; install business tools; Among a thousand other things, you can get it faster if you let yourself be guided by a professional in the field during this process.

We offer in-person, digital consulting services, as well as remote site administration and direct support in business processes.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Business image
Business Coaching
Electronic and Physical Marketing Campaigns
Network and Networking Systems
Complex Dataware and Storage Management
Software development
Platform Implementation (Hardware & Software)
Implementation of BE and BI models
E2E Deployment
Security and Monitoring Systems
Web development
Interface Development
Mobile technology
Process audit


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We provide analysis reports of your Websites and Social Networks as well as prospective business impacts and risks. Performance metrics and KPIs along with continuous improvement of their functional areas as well as their integration in the technological ecosystem.

We help you in the implementation of E2E technology platforms, from the planning stage to its start-up.

We keep your DataWare in order, we monitor your industrial security, we build up your Networking solutions, we plan your Enterprise Asset update, and more!

Many times working hard is not enough. If you believe that your efforts are not achieving the results you expected, it may be time to rethink your strategy.

Within our services, we offer the possibility of reviewing your current efforts in networking, planning, deployment, monitoring, analysis and more, in order to offer you a report with recommendations and advice that you can productively apply immediately to improve your results.

Integral Digital Solutions Specialists    

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